Archery Family Hone Their Skills

A talented family from Scotland put on an archery masterclass in the town this week in preparation for a major event.

The Marr family from Edinburgh have been using the facilities at Combe Haven holiday park as they gear up for the forthcoming European championships in Sweden.

The complex has been laying on archery lessons for more than two years, and were delighted when the champion family asked to come to Hastings and practise.

Dad William first tried the sport at a Haven centre in Wales five years ago and now the rest of the family are hooked.

He said: “The facilities at Combe Haven are great, and a lot better than some of the places we practice in back home.”

Archery is a great sport and the satisfaction you get when you hit what you are aiming for is such a thrill and such an achievement.”

“We regularly go on holiday with Haven, and as archers, I think it is great they are promoting the sport by offering lessons.”

“I am hoping that coming to Hastings will be the perfect preparation for the championships especially as the arrow is so famous in this area with the Battle of Hastings.”

The family’s hopes of success suffered a blow recently after thousands of pounds worth of equipment was stolen from their car in Scotland.

It usually takes months to adjust to a new bow, but they refuse to let this stop them.

William will be joined at the championships by 15 year-old Tegan, who will be defending her European junior title, as well as the rest of the archery mad family.

With the help of Combe Haven mascot Bradley the Bear, the Marr’s put on an impressive display for holiday makers, including managing to shoot an apple.

Tegan said: “I love archery. You need to have a lot of patience and hand-eye co-ordination to be good at it, and you have to be good to be able to stay on target.

“I think it’s great because it’s all about skill rather than strength and I think more people should take it up.”

If only King Harold had the Marr family back in 1066.