EFAC 2019 Arnhem

A Course Too Far

All drummers arrived, booked in and some have even done some practice! Ferry was interesting noisy at night, engine noise, met some Scottish bikers on the boat, who handed us yum yums from Greg’s and inquired about missing pair of pants, we did not ask! Parade of nations tomorrow, booted and kilted.

Parade of nations today, very hot! Bottles of water, neck fans and Scotland flags being used for shades, we don’t like the sun! After a long delay got moving and were entertained by spanish nation behind us singing viva espana, which only fiona knew the second verse, after some dancing for the Scots, the Spanish changed the song to viva el Scotland. With the Spanish singing, swiss cow bell ringing and cries of oughh, oughhhh, oughhh, oi,oi,oi from the Welsh, we need a bag piper!! Meet with lots of old friends and new ones made as swaps for Scotland shirts were arranged for later in the week. All looking forward to getting started tomorrow.

Day 1 EFAC Holland has hills!
And they they put them all in Doorweth, then they built an archery course on them. It started off overcast and with a little rain, waterproofs and umbrellas in evidence.by the time muster was over and we walked out to the course the temperature was up and the umbrellas were being used for shade. Despite the high temperatures and did we mention the hills!All drummers made it round in one piece, but at least a couple are broken. After a quick catch up at the tent with a couple of drinks we all headed off for grub and some rest!! To get ready to do it all again tomorrow. Scores can be picked up from the website.

Day 2 at EFAC
One broken drummer was still broke for day 2 and did not start. It was hot, despite the clouds and after Monday all were armed with plenty of water. Mixed bag of scores today with d loops going and some drummers dropping points (39)and other gaining points (39) think we are sharing them between us. looooong waits to get round it was a long hot day in the sun, with all the courses full it like this all week. As normal the crazy family of archers that shot field are keeping each other going even if we are competing against them for medals. Day 3 animal round tomorrow, all looking forward to a short day!

EFAC Animal Round
Another drummer was broken today and did not start, flat Holland claims another archer! There was decidedly less numbers today starting. Another hot day, for those out in the open field courses, sun cream and shade were in short supply and at the end of the day there were a few very red drummers walking around. Short day was welcome by all and we were all of the courses by 2pm in a rare twist the unsighted archers held up the free styles, so the banter was flying as fast as the arrows, normal service will be resumed tomorrow. There was a few PB scores today as well as world and euro records tumbled even though the wind tried it best to spoil the party. There was drama today as adopted drummer, John arrows went missing at the practice range, so he had to shoot his spares, it did he no lasting harm as he shoot a PB! And his arrows were returned to him at the end of the day. Rested and refreshed and ready for the field round tomorrow.

Day 4 EFAC Field Round
We lost another drummer today as the flat hills claimed another victim. The drummers in the woods experienced something like home with targert angled across hills and butts in at crazy angles, they even had an 80 yarder out in the open.  The rest of the drummers were in the field, open flat and short distances between targets. As the pressure increases for the top groups as the end of the competition bears near, they all showed down and the tail backs started and with all targets full there were some long waits between shooting. Despite the wait all course were off by 5. The weather cooled down a bit so it was pleasant shooting conditions for all. There a lot of feet dragging today as energy levels have dipped all round, last day tomorrow. All looking forward to our final round.

That’s it Done
Drum has been to another EFAC and come back with medals, Nathaniel gold, Bob Tweedie gold Carol Ann silver,Evan silver, Isabella silver b class. The medal ceremony was at a early hour as the class and team awards were starting at 8:30am! There was a quick change around as it was realised that the class medals had not been awarded correctly but as with everything at this EFAC the hosts sorted it out quickly and they got it running smoothly. It was all done by 1230 and plans being made to attend Hungary in 2021 as that little bit of metal on a ribbon made the week worth while for those that got one and made others more determined to be better prepared for the next one. Goodbyes have been said to old friends and new friends and as normal the drummers, with help from the lone fifer, have a few souvenirs to hang in the tattie shed.

EFAC 2019 Bye, bye see you all back home.